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Europe Discount Hotels
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No other continent in the world encompasses so many major nations as Europe; a multi-cultural melting pot of language, colour, culture, history and architecture. The thirty countries that make up Europe, from the United Kingdom and France in the West to the Czech Republic and Poland in the East, provide the world with some of its most striking features and enigmatic capital cities.

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  Andorra (7 hotels)
Austria (244 hotels)
Belgium (350 hotels)
Bulgaria (39 hotels)
Croatia (14 hotels)
Cyprus (46 hotels)
Czech Republic (138 hotels)
Denmark (44 hotels)
England (232 hotels)
Estonia (6 hotels)
Finland (7 hotels)
France (878 hotels)
Germany (1331 hotels)
Greece (139 hotels)
Hungary (95 hotels)
Ireland (28 hotels)
Italy (1013 hotels)
Lithuania (8 hotels)
Luxembourg (37 hotels)
Malta (3 hotels)
Netherlands (834 hotels)
Norway (19 hotels)
Poland (28 hotels)
Portugal (154 hotels)
Romania (6 hotels)
Slovak Republic (9 hotels)
Slovenia (1 hotel)
Spain (828 hotels)
Sweden (67 hotels)
Switzerland (224 hotels)
Turkey (54 hotels)

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